Moses Strong

Born in Rutland Vermont to a well established family, Moses Strong was educated at Dartmouth as a lawyer. He sought his fame and fortune in the "lead region" of the Wisconsin Territory by gaining an appointment as the land agent. In this position he was able to accumulate private land which he hoped to leverage into wealth. 

Moses' fortunes were mixed. Blessed with an ability as a trial lawyer, he used this talent to represent others and to promote his own political career.  Moses gained notoriety as a political leader with a reputation for questionable political ethics. 

He held many roles in his life including first Speaker of the Territory House of Representatives, first President of the Wisconsin Bar Association, Chancellor of  the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee and the founder of the Mineral Point Rail Road.  

His many endeavors included ownership in a saw mill. He founded the city of Arena. Moses also wrote the"First History of the Territory of Wisconsin. Although his primary ambition to be Governor of Wisconsin eluded him, he has retained a place in Wisconsin history as a key figure in the development of the state.  A biography of Moses Strong entitled "The Frontiersman of Fortune"  chronicles his ambitions and failures as one determined to leave a legacy.

The Moses Strong House stands as a testament to his energy and commitment to his goals.